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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Post #3-Podcasts

Today, I visited the Seattle Public Library website. The site is operated by, perhaps, one of the best (funded) libraries in the United States and I was curious as to how their website looked. I was very pleased overall by the site and was especially glad to find their Library Collection page. The page includes links to the library’s databases, catalog, digital books and podcasts. Along with a lot of other very detailed, concise information on library related materials and events, the page provides basic instruction on what podcasts are, how they operate and where they can be located on the net. For library patrons or anyone who does not know what podcasts are, this is a great start. The podcasts page also includes links to outside sources for more information on podcasts as well as a link to their ‘Ask A Librarian’ feature by email for any additional questions on the topic.

The Seattle Public Library is only one of many libraries now using podcasts. Podcasts are useful for libraries because they can transmit information in a faster more efficient way than most anything else on the internet in terms of audio effects. Libraries are using them to provide tutorials on how to use the library, give tours and provide instruction by making their information more widely available. Many other libraries that are podcasting are listed on A few podcasts that stood out were the Arizona State University Libraries, Denver Public Library, and the Infopeople Project, which had quite an interesting link to a comical Gorilla Librarian YouTube video.


  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger tesmond said…

    Looking at their website I found a number of the links generate an error message, especially when browsing the most popular links section.

    Go to the following

    now select the All fiction link for example.


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