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Friday, December 01, 2006

Post #5-Photo blogging

A photo blog is a website that primarily displays photographs in a log format. Much like text-based blogs, photo blogs are entries that are made by an individual person on a regular basis. There usually is an archive that will have photos from previous months, years, etc. and can be separated by category. Like blogs, photo blogs allow comments to be left for different entries.

People like to photo blog for many different reasons. Some people like to put their work on display, purely for the world to see. Some like to receive praise for what they’ve done. And some want to profit from their work. Either way, photo blogging is a way for people to exercise their creative skills and to share with the world their artistic flavor. I like to photo blog because I love sharing beautiful and interesting pictures I may take or come across on the internet.

Since photo blogging has gained in popularity, maintaining a blog site has become cheaper and simpler than ever. A photo blog in particular that I've become accustomed to using is Flickr . It is a free photo blogging site that is maintained by Yahoo! and is perhaps the online photo management and sharing site available.

Adam Seifer and Andrew Long, editor and co-founder of Fotolog, converse in a May 12, 2006 Washington Post article titled "Photo Blogging". They pose many questions regarding copyright issues, photo blogging as an artform, profiting as a photo blogger and the future of photo blogging. Andrew Long says, in response to a questions posed as to whether or not photo blogging lowers the standard of another artform, "...photoblogs in general are places where people can learn and get useful feedback." I think that this statement alone ties in perferctly to the purpose of blogs in general. They are places where people learn and socialize with each other. Many photos that are posted to photo blogs are of low quality as Seifer points out, but they really do a lot for the development of an online culture. Photo blogging is a way that people can express themselves, with or without words, and brings people together. Photos that are posted to social networking sites such as these should automatically belong to everyone (without being profitable) and not be restricted, as long as they aren't offensive and don't damage a person's reputation.


  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Michelle said…

    Since I'm taking Library User Instruction also this semester, this article reminds me of different learning styles. Photo blogs really appeal to those who are visual learners, and it's always important to try to reach many different types of people.

  • At 12:25 PM, Blogger Jessi said…

    I love photoblogging
    and so do most artists that have portfolios to is a quick and easy way to get their work out there!

  • At 6:23 PM, Blogger Nick said…

    Interesting information on photo blogging, I particularly enjoyed the "Photo Blogging" article you have linked.


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